About Us

Founded in 1979, The Manitoba Schizophrenia Society (MSS) is a non-profit, charitable, community-based mental health organization.

Established by concerned family members, MSS is a "family" of consumers, family members, service providers and friends who support its mission, vision, passion and core values.

Our Mission

"The Manitoba Schizophrenia Society, Inc. is a consumer-focused, family sensitive mental health self-help organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for those affected by schizophrenia and psychosis through education, peer support programs, one-on-one consultations, public policy and research."

Our Vision

"Promoting a dignified, non-discriminatory quality of life for those living with schizophrenia and psychosis while seeking a cure for schizophrenia."

Our Passion

"Giving people who live with and are affected by schizophrenia and psychosis a future with hope."

Our Belief About Intervention

"Recovery is possible through timely and adequate medical treatment and management, psychosocial rehabilitation, education, community supports and personal recovery and empowerment." The task of mental health service providers is to create environments where recovery can take place.

Our Core Values

Authenticity: We avoid posturing and attempt to speak professionally and knowledgeably with humility.

Integrity: We attempt to get our facts straight, to use statistics honestly, to be financially responsible, giving accurate reports to the public and our funders.

Respect: We wish to be seen as a safe, empathic and welcoming organization which sees the consumer as a person rather than as a "diagnosis", who can recover, who can make choices, who ought to be listened to, and meaningfully included in all planning stages of developing and evaluating mental health services in Manitoba.

Support: We desire to be credible in assisting family members, friends and consumers while avoiding polarizing these groups. We know schizophrenia is complex, the answers not easy, and we respect the right of others to disagree. We promote unity without uniformity, realizing that hope is fundamental to recovery.

Holistic: We subscribe to a multi-disciplinary approach to responding to schizophrenia: a bio-psycho-social-spiritual-recovery-empowerment perspective.

As a self-help organization, MSS partners with people with a common affinity and purpose to meet and discuss the impact schizophrenia and schizo-affective disorder have on their lives.

  • We provide a social network based on commonly shared experiences and specific ways of coping and recovering (peer support or self-help)
  • We give guidance to the formation of social relationships impeded by stigma and discrimination by society
  • We facilitate a movement of integration back into society through capacity building